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Emergency contact Number. 📞07594 216008

  • 01634 238 360
    Emergency 📞07594 216008

  • 3 Birling Avenue

    Rainham, Kent

    ME8 7HB

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    3 Birling Avenue

    Rainham, Kent

    ME8 7HB
  • Phone

    01634 238 360
    Emergency 📞07594 216008

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Dental Care for Care Home Resident

Why Dental
Care for Residents

We aim to help reduce the risk of oral health problems and related conditions that is commonly associated with people of high levels of dependency 

New Patients

How It Works

Complete the patient registration form

Please call us on 01634238360 if you have any queries

Book appointment for initial exam and cleaning

We will contact you within two working days of completing the registration form to arrange a suitable time and day.

Dental Team visit

Our dentists will be assisted by a qualified dental assistant. Together they will carry out a thorough examination, take x-rays and some clinical photos. This will be followed by discussing with you your dental needs, and answer any immediate questions. At you request, they will clean your teeth, and apply fluoride therapy to your teeth to prevent tooth decay, and maintain your dental health.

Follow-up dental visits

All follow-up appointments are convienently booked at our practice. Prior to the follow-up appointment, you will be given a detailed treatment plan with costing.

we’re here to all your questions

All new patient (or those with power of Attorney for those who cannot sign for themselves) must complete the Consent Form

A) Tooth decay – destruction of enamel and dentine that can lead to toothache. B) Gum disease – this is the main cause of bad breath and bleeding gums. C) Oral Cancer – it can affect the lips, mouth or throat. Men are more at risk than women.

Our entire team has extensive experience working with elderly and phobic patients including those who are wheelchair bound or have dementia. Our Who carries  and dental nurses will treat all employees and residents with genuine concern making sure they are as comfortable and calm as possible

The cost of treatment will depend on your treatment need. This is will be detailed in your treatment plan for your perusal and consent before the commencement of your dental treatment

All our dental team members follow the UK government health agency guidelines in order to protect everyone: patients, dental team and administrative staff. We regualrly update our standard operating protocol to ensure that they are update to date with current guidelines.

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