We remain open in spite of the new UK lockdown restrictions.

Emergency contact Number. 📞07594 216008

  • 01634 238 360
    Emergency 📞07594 216008

  • 3 Birling Avenue

    Rainham, Kent

    ME8 7HB

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  • Address

    3 Birling Avenue

    Rainham, Kent

    ME8 7HB
  • Phone

    01634 238 360
    Emergency 📞07594 216008

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Keep your Mouth Healthy

Dental Care is a fact of Life

Everyone wants to live longer and be healthy. Maintenance and health care are important in society today. Dental care plays a big role in doing this for ourselves. In addition to the fact that a healthy smile looks great, it also can feel great to know more about your body.

Finding dental care in a new community doesn’t have to be a difficult situation and because good dental care is very important to your health and nutrition, we are happy see welcome you to our practice.

Omnipark Dental Centre is a family practice located in Rainham, Kent.

The practice was set up to cater for everyone in need of dental services within and around the Rainham area. We have a step free access that is suitable for all patients, especially those on wheel chairs. And we offer a ranges of dental services to meet your need.

We are confident that our friendly staff will help to make your visit a reassuring experience

About Us

3 Birling Avenue was once known as a”GP surgery”. After full refurbishment between January-March 2007, we opened the practice to the public as Omnipark Dental Centre. The word Omnipark is a reflection of the large park located behind the practice that welcomes everyone. This is true of our practice, and we offer “pain free” service in a calm and relaxing environment.

We are proud to be located in Rainham, and to serve residents from all over Kent. This is made possible with the help of our caring dental team, and the ethos they hold that every patient deserves a patient focused dentistry that is friendly, gentle and pain free.

Omnipark Dental Centre provides affordable, quality dental service. We aim to keep our prices reasonably low whilst ensuring quality aesthetic dentistry for optimum well-being. We are fully digital including electronic notes and digital photography. 

comprehensive range of dental treatments

Our Dentists will spend time with you to discuss your treatment needs, and offer advise on how to maintain your oral health once your treatment has been completed.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers fit over your natural teeth, enhance your smile and boost your confidence

Zirconia Crowns/Bridge

Zirconia Crown or Bridge work are the finest and most durable material. Zirconia offers strength with excellent aesthetics.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening involves using gels to removes stains from your natural teeth. This can be done at-home at your leisure or in-surgery

Natural Smile

A recent survey of our patients tell us that having a natural smile gives them confidence to socialise. Therefore, we use a combination of treatments to achieve this goal

Dental Implants

Dental implants are advance, long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. The are alternative solution to dentures (false teeth)


Dentures are removable appliance. We use skilled technicians to make you the most comfortable natural looking removable dentures.